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Welcome to Pampered Pets Poundbury 

a little about myself

Sandie Banks

Ten year ago I lost my Cavalier Spaniel "Bonnie Banks" I missed her so much. My friends rallied round and left their pets with me and suddenly I realised, I could do this for other families.

Dogs live here with me just like they do at their home hence my business name PamperedpetsPoundbury

They will be truly cared for here in my home.

your comments

“My puppy is part of my family, and I just hate leaving her in a kennel where she won’t receive any personal attention while I’m out of town. With Sandie, I know she is getting her daily dose of belly rubs, cuddles, and lots of fun walks. Thanks Sandie for all your help.”

Sam B.

“My dog can be a bit aggressive and usually afraid of strangers, but warmed up to Sandie at Pampered Pets Holiday Home who's truly has got the magic animal touch and my dog loved it. Thankyou”

Andy P.

Sandie recently looked after our little Juanita for 13 nights.We had a dry run- overnight stay beforehand so Sandie could do a little bonding. The day we dropped her off,she was pulling to get into the front door & was immediately at home. We enjoyed our holiday even more knowing that our pup was safe & being well looked after. Also she would get all the love & cuddles she gets from her own family. Thankyou Sandie for your care & love you gave Juanita. 

June H.

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